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CAPS - Atlantic

Methods of Modern Winemaking

After the successful completion of the ‘Methods of Wine Production’ course, students will have developed an in-depth knowledge of the techniques required to produce wines. The course focused on both viticulture and vinification practices. Students will gain insight into the practice of winemaking and the tools at the disposal of the winemaker by participating in the process and classroom study. During the course, students will study the production processes at each stage and how these can affect the nature and quality of the product. The learning experience is enriched by on-site visits to a vineyard and winery. This course is taught by Simon Rafuse of Blomidon Wines.

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Syllabus of Course Content

Syllabus of Course Content:


Vinifera, labrusca, hybrids, clones

Propagation, grafting, rootstocks

Vine life cycle

Site selection and new vineyard development

Vine management and influences on wine quality


White and red winemaking process

Microbiology of winemaking: yeasts, malolactic, spoilage

Stylistic tools: chaptalization, deacidification, lees

Production of sparkling wines, icewines

Post Fermentation: oxidation avoidance, protein and tartrate stabilization, and aging


For Spring 2022 we do not have confirmed dates or class times yet - they will be announced at a later date

Evaluation Criteria

There is a mandatory exam to complete this module.


COVID-19 Safety

CAPS-AC will have the following COVID safety protocols in place. 

·Students and instructors will be required to wear masks upon entry to the building until seated. Students will be required to answer a COVID questionnaire upon entry to each class. Any student with symptoms including but not limited to the following: a cough, sneezing, sore throat, fever etc, are not to come to classes. Communicate your symptoms to 811 and report any possible community spread to the instructor immediately.·Students and instructors will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and any time they enter or leave a classroom.·Students will be seated a minimum of 2 metres apart. Instructors will be placed a minimum of 2 metres from all students. Masks must be worn by students and instructors if two metre physical distancing cannot be maintained i.e. while wine is poured. ·Students must bring ALL necessary supplies to class and remove all supplies and garbage upon termination of the class. This includes, water, coffee cups, spit cups, napkins and wine glasses. Tasting glasses will be available for purchase at or near cost by students before the commencement of the first class. ·Instructors will wear masks and gloves while pouring wine.   

Should threat levels be raised by local health authorities or any type of other safety concern arise, classes will revert to online instruction with tastings to occur once threat levels have been deemed acceptable.